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Angelic Healing Journeys (PAST LIFE REGRESSION) - TMJ Release, Kinergetics - System 7 Chakra Balance - Australian Bush Flowers Essences - Spiritual Coaching- Meditation Facilitator - Workshop Facilitator – Teacher  & Intuitive Readings - Pet Consultations.

Marisa Moore has been practicing from several locations throughout Melbourne for several years. She has built a wonderful loyal clientele base and continues to enjoy her journey meeting new people, running workshops, classes and of course assisting those on their spiritual journey.

It is with much excitement and enthusiasm that Marisa found such a beautiful space in Balance Therapies to practice from. Living in the Dandenong’s has been such a wonderful place to live and harnessing the natural healing energies that flow within this mountain has been an incredible experience.  Sharing these energies and that of the Pure Divine Light and the Angelic Realm with those who live and visit this beautiful mountain is going to be a true honour and adventure.

Having a wonderful relationship with the Arch Angels and specifically Arch Angel Michael of the light is something Marisa truly cherishes. This is a relationship that continues to grow in strength, diversity and amazement has taken many souls on journeys into the Divine the Angelic Realm, past lives and present. The energy shift that occurs from these journeys is profound and each client’s experience is completely unique. Often the journey is about reconnecting to the light, giving direction to a path that so many seek. The awareness and introduction of sprit guides and animals, wisdom and knowledge that was once common practice and connections to particular cultures their practices and family lineage have been just some of the insights gained through these journeys.

Marisa also offers a number of wonderful modalities and services support her clients through their transformation, growth and spiritual development.  As we heal and our transformation begins Marisa has come to an understanding that each person has specific needs to achieve success.  If you would like to contact Marisa to arrange a free 20 minute consultation to discuss your needs and personally tailor a wellness or spiritual development plan to assist you in achieving your goals please call Marisa on  0430 865 682.


Follow this link to read an article about Marisa that was recently published in the...AGE News paper


Angelic Healing Journeys (Past Life Regression guided by Arch Angel Michael)

A journey into your past is one of the most enlighten experiences I think a person can have. The answers so many of us seek can be found in our past. The journeys Marisa preforms are similar to a past life regression, except these journey are led by Arch Angels of the Light. This relationship Marisa has with the Angelic Realm and her close connection with Arch Angel Michael of the Light has the ability to reconnect loved ones, activate the light within and heals past life trauma, activate the healer within, reconnect you with your path and bringing peace to a soul in this present life. The transformations these journeys achieve are amazing.

For bookings or inquiries please contact Marisa on 0430 865 682 or email

Investment $ 120 per session


Spiritual Coaching

Marisa has a strong intuition and a close connection with her guidance; these abilities are incorporated in her spiritual coaching sessions. Marisa’s compassion and understanding of the human thought process it blocks and obstacles is amazing. Employing the support of a spiritual coach will assist you with the development of your natural abilities helping you to see your potential, how to harness this potential and how to use it for your highest good. We all have an innate ability to connect to the source our guides, wisdom and true self. This transformation process will uplift your life allowing you to be the best you can possible be and to fulfil your hopes and dreams.  Don’t let your greatness lie dormant anymore book a free 30 minute consultation with Marisa and begin your journey today.


For bookings or inquiries please contact Marisa on 0430 865 682 or email

Initial Consultation $180

Follow up consultations from $150


TMJ Release (Stress Buster Session)

A TMJ Release session is one of the most relaxing ways to reduce stress levels within the whole body. A session takes approx. 45 minutes whilst gentle hand movements release the muscles that support your jaw. It is a requirement that you attend a minimum of two sessions with 7-10 days of each other for optimum results. Don’t suffer the pain and discomfort of headaches, migraines, lock jaw neck and shoulder tension to name a few any longer.


For bookings or inquiries please contact Marisa on 0430 865 682 or email

Investment per session $90




System 7 Chakra Balance

A chakra balance is a wonderful way of re-balancing your energetic body. This allows you to think clearly and process the events of your life with ease. Your chakra system holds the blue print of your personality, emotions; past lives present life experiences as well as governing your physical processes within the human body and for that reason alone make this system very important to our overall health and wellbeing.

Marisa has a very unique way of healing and balancing the chakra system. This session is very interactive as you are required to participate in the session. In the hour you will become familiar with each chakra, learning how to maintain, balance and repair this system. This is a very empowering session.

For bookings or inquiries please contact Marisa on 0430 865 682 or email

Investment $95 per session


Australian Bush Flower Essences

I am a huge fan of Vibrational medicine and Australian Bush flowers would have to be one of my favourite. They hold such a high frequency and being Australian flowers they seem to work extremely well with our Aussie constitution. I have had amazing results personally with clients and dogs. I can offer this as a separate consultation or incorporate it in with any other session.

For bookings or inquiries please contact Marisa on 0430 865 682 or email

The Initial consultation is 40 minutes to an hour = $70 + Essence

Follow up consultations:

15 minute consultation = $20 + Essence
30 minute consultation = $45 + Essence

Incorporated in any other session $20 + Essence


Consultation does not include the essences. 
Products range in price between $10 to $25 each.


Intuitive Reading

Marisa uses several tools to access the information you are seeking, cards crystals, jewellery and flowers assist with accessing the subtle vibrations to pass on the messages from her guidance to you.

For bookings or inquiries please contact Marisa on 0430 865 682 or email


If you would like to combine a reading with a healing session you will save $10, on a 30 minute reading or save $20 on a 1 hour reading. 

30 minute reading $50

1 hour reading $80




Healing Meditations (GROUP WORK)

The benefits of healing mediations on your physical, spiritual, mental and emotional bodies are amazing. Marisa has a unique style of presenting these healing mediations that is incredible easy to follow assisting you in developing a healthy practice. Working within a group setting is incredibly supportive as you travel through your journey. We have group discussions and you are encouraged to share your experiences.  This is also great way to meet likeminded people whilst raising your vibration.  Please contact Marisa to secure your position for these classes.




A Healing Journey through your Chakra System “Dates TBA”

A healing journey through your chakra system is designed to increase your awareness of your seven main chakra system. Each week you will be guided through this system concentrating one chakra each week. You will gain knowledge of your unique system as well as clearing activating and energising your channels. This course is very popular as participants often repeat due to healing benefits they have experienced.

  • 8 week course

  • Approximately 2 hour sessions

  • $190.00 includes workbook


Enter your Enlightened House “Dates TBA”

This course will take you on a journey through your internal house. This will be a journey of discovery as each room within your house will represent different aspects of your life.  As you go from room to room you will be able to clear the things that no longer serve you well, thus raising your vibration and initiating healing within these areas of your life.

  • 8 week course

  • Approximately 2 hour sessions

  • $190 includes work book


Crystal Connection Term 4 Classes Oct 13th – Dec 4th 2014

This is one of my favourite healing classes: you will learn to develop a deep connection with your crystals. Each week I will guide you through the process of attuning to the vibration of your crystal and guidance.  You will also be introduced to art of manifestation and how crystals raise your intent. There is no experience necessary just a passion for crystals.

  • 8 week course

  • Approximately 1.5 hour sessions

  • $190.00 includes course booklet

  • Quartz Crystal available for purchase $20


Parent and Child Meditation Workshop “Dates TBA”

Meditation is an amazing experience to share with your children. It is a wonderful way to create quality time as it can open up communication deepening your relationship.  The workshop will walk you through the first meditation on the cd assisting you with any questions you or your child may have.


  • Introduction to mediation

  • Tips for safe practice

  • How to listen to your child’s experience with acceptance

  • How to incorporate crystals into your practice

  • A take home cd of a guided mediation

  • A crystal kit to get you started

  • 2  hour workshop

  • $50.00 for parent and child

  • $15.00 for any addition siblings

  • Recommended age group 7 years to 13 years






Earth Healing Meditations

Appreciation for the Earth we live in and those that we share this amazing space with is what prompted me to hold an Earth Healing Mediation. The experiences are overwhelming for some who attend this session and sharing your energy with the Earth is rewarding and uplifting. You are more than welcome to join us for this beautiful start to each month.

DATE: “Dates TBA”
TIME: 10.30AM to 11.30AM
INVESTMENT: $15.00 (if attending automatic writing afterwards the cost will be $25.00 for both classes).

Automatic Writing Workshops

Automatic writing is easy and lots of fun. It is a great way to connect with your higher-self, inner-guidance, your angels and Arch Angels. Automatic writing is a process of connecting to your higher wisdom. It raises your vibration and allows you to access and download information.

If you feel blocked or you are having trouble listening to your inner guidance, this process is a great way of stepping to the side and basically getting out of your own way.

Come join other like-minded people. Learn how to use this practice safely and effectively. No experience is necessary only the willingness and desire to learn to stand fully in the light as well as having fun.

DATE: “Dates TBA”
TIME: Midday to 1.30pm
INVESTMENT: $15.00 (if attending automatic writing afterwards the cost will be $25.00 for both classes).


For bookings or inquiries please contact Marisa on 0430 865 682 or email


My path has been a long one and it has been a journey of self-discovery and trust. It has not been until recently that I realized the importance of my journey. The lessons I have been taught and the knowledge I have received through my guidance was not handed over easily, I had to earn every piece of the puzzle.  Just when I thought I had mastered an element, my guidance would change things on me. This change often came with no notice and sometimes right in the middle of a session with a client. What this taught me was to trust, to listen, to evolve and to adapt.

From there, slowly but surely, the people coming through my door were people that were either beginning a journey similar to mine or who had been walking the path as a healer and were seeking answers. Sessions with my clients were taking them on a journey connecting them with their true essence. Their guidance was coming forward to remind them of where they have been and where they are headed. These journeys are so incredibly important because my clients are handed over their own healing energies and with that their knowledge and wisdom.

I am here to assist others with their personal healing journey into the light as well as guiding those that are also on the path as a healer. I run workshops throughout the year teaching and passing on my knowledge.

Up and coming Workshop

Unleash the Healer within

LEARN HOW TO access your true nature

This is a fantastic opportunity to connect with your own natural healing abilities. I am very excited to be running this workshop; you will learn some of the techniques that I have been taught by my guidance and Arch Angel Michael of the light : )

Everyone has the ability to heal, some of us are here to use it for our personal journey, some of us are here to heal others, some of us here to heal animals and some of us are here to heal nature and the earth. Healing is a journey of discovery and this course will have you discovery aspects of yourself you never thought possible.


During this 4 day course you will learn how to perform

  • Personal protection

  • How to feel and work with energy

  • Follow your guidance and intuition

  • Learn about each of the 7 main chakras

  • How to balance the 7 main chakras

  • How to see and feel the aura

  • The different layers of the aura

  • How to work with your guidance

  • How to prepare for a healing

  • How to prepare your space for a healing

  • Weekly exercises

  • Mediations

  • Hands on healing training and experience

  • How to close a healing session

  • How to clear your energy after a healing


At the end of your training you will have the knowledge and confidence to successfully perform a full chakra balance. You will re-connect to your own natural healing abilities; have a better understanding of the chakra system and Aura.

Not only will you be learning to perform a healing, you will also be receiving healing. This will be a fun filled course where you will also be the teacher as you will be encouraged to share your wisdom with the other participants.

The support does not end here you will be invited to join our invitation-only support network; as well as the opportunity to meet up with your group members and past members throughout the year , questions and answer time, group meditations and some plain old fun.

I look forward to working with you




Course dates as follows

“Dates TBA”

Times 10.00am to 5pm

Afternoon tea will be provided for, please bring along your lunch or you can purchase lunch from a number of cafe’s in the street.

Cost $595.00

Early Bird payment in full $550.00

All participants are required to attend an Angelic Healing Journey before the workshop begins. This journey is part of the course it is intended to re-connect you with your own natural healing energies. This session will run for approximately 1 ½ hours and it can be made at a time that suits you. Cost normally $120.00, participants $80.00

For inquiries please contact Marisa on 0430 865 682 or email


Remember, “It’s all In the Light”!!

I truly look forward to meeting you,



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