Important for all guests visiting the day spa


Please wear a mask on entry to the day spa. Although there is still much to learn about the Coronavirus, the WHO suggested protocols for addressing it are identical to those for reducing the spread of the common cold and flu. Therefore, we are focusing on specific measures we can put in place to increase our efforts at virus prevention.

In preparation, we believe it is important to keep our clients aware of our current procedures:

We want our clients to feel at ease and for our staff and clients to remain healthy and safe. Dont be afraid. Fear and stress decrease the immune system, just be wise and take precautions.
The health and well-being of both staff and clients is a top priority, and the best way to help ensure that is to practice great workplace and personal hygiene always—not just during this public health emergency, but always.


In the current situation, please feel assured that we are following all the recommended guidelines...and more ! What an incredible situation for us all to experience. With information changing daily, we are all trying to navigate through life the best we can. An uncertain feel in the air. I feel very lucky to have such a wonderful community around us, connecting with people and seeing how this is affecting them. Everyone is taking a step back and looking at how they live their life, and what changes they would like to implement. This is such a positive thing to reflect on in such a challenging time.  We need to keep positive and connected.


Our Standard practice

  • All clients  must wear a mask on arrival and be double vaccinated. You will need to check in with the QR code and link it to your vaccination certificate. 

  • Our Hygiene Routines: We already keep an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness (a comment we regularly receive) but we will be implementing some extra measures for your peace of mind

  • Our linen is laundered by a commercial laundry - washed at 60deg.

  • Our current practice has beds stripped for every client for massage, spa treatments, facials etc. and this will continue.

  • For waxing, we have single use for towels and implements.

  • We use hospital grade disinfectant for all our cleaning purposes

  • Anti-microbial wipes are regularly used. You may have seen us furiously cleaning all surfaces including door handles and benchtops, and of course frequent hand washing and sanitisation by us as well!



In Addition:

  • Following the health guidelines set out by the WHO

  • We have Hand Sanitiser available at reception, in all treatment rooms and lounges. Please use the Hand Sanitiser on arrival.

  • We take your Temperature reading on arrival. 

  • Antibacterial hand wash and moisturiser available at all hand basins - nothing beats a hot hand wash with soap and water for 20 seconds

  • We have upgraded our usual rigorous cleaning regime  - Cleaning all surfaces and commonly used areas frequently  with hospital grade disinfectant, glen 20 and antibacterial cleaning wipes (killing 99.9% of germs) 

  • We are using an antibacterial/antiviral essential oil blend in all of the aromatherapy diffusers.

  • Every client is receiving essential oils with their treatment ( not only do essential oils have wonderful qualities of being antibacterial, antiviral, they are also great for relaxation and to help unwind and destress.)

  • Keeping our staff and clientele safe is our top priority. So, you can rest assured we are going the extra mile.

Cancellations and Guidelines


For safety of our guests and therapists, we kindly ask please reschedule your appointment if any of the following applies to you;

· If you or a member of your household has a cold or any cold symptoms

· If you are under an isolation or quarantine order

· If you have been in contact with anyone with Covid -19 in the last 21 days.


                       - If you are waiting for COVID test results and have not received them in time for your appointment. 

(If you arrive and state you are waiting for covid test results and havent received them. We will not be able to do your appointment and 100% cancellation fee applies)



Cancellations: Our goal is to be able to rebook all appointments that are changed or cancelled. The following guidelines apply in order for us to be able to offer a wonderful service, thanks for your consideration. 1hr Bookings require 24hrs notice to change or cancel for there to be no cancellation fee. Bookings of 90mins or more require 3 days notice to change or cancel with no cancellation fee. Group Bookings require 5 days notice to change or cancel with no cancellation fee. 

Sickness and Cancellations and close contacts : If an individual isnt feeling well, or suffering any cold/flu symptoms, or is declared a close contact and needs to isolate, please call as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule your booking. We do ask for at least 24hrs notice for an unwell individual with a doctors certificate to change or cancel, 24hrs notice for an individual declared as a close contact with appropriate paperwork to change or cancel.  No cancel fee for an individual in your booking with 24hrs notice and the appropriate paperwork. 

If you are unwell, have cold and flu symptoms or declared as a close contact and cancel in less than 24hrs a 100% cancellation fee applies if we cannot rebook the appointment. 

1hr bookings = 24hrs notice to change or cancel otherwise 100% cancellation fee applies if we cannot rebook the appointment. 

long treatments = 90min or more . If the whole booking cancels in less than 3 days 100% cancellation fees apply if we cannot rebook the appointments


Group bookings = if the whole groups cancels in less than 5 days 100% cancellation fees apply if we cannot rebook the appointments. 

Late Cancellation/Arriving Unwell: If you cancel on the day of your booking, After 9 am or arrive unwell with any cold symptoms, we won't be able to start the treatment and 100% cancellation fee applies

If you arrive and state you are waiting for covid test results and havent received them. We will not be able to do your appointment and 100% cancellation fee applies

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We value your patronage and want you to be able to unwind experience pure relaxation, reduce stress and ultimately improve your general wellbeing and immunity.


Nadine & The Team @ Balance Mountain Day Spa xx

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